15 months of 24x7 Primary On-Call — Here’s How I Survived


  • Airflow: “cron” solution
  • Redshift: AWS Hosted Data Warehouse
  • DWH-01: Our EC2 “pet” server

Actionable Metrics

  • Low priority alerts → Slack
  • High Priority Alerts → Slack & Pagerduty

Symptoms Not Causes

  • Error rates — Executions are encountering anomalous error rates.
  • Latency Distributions — Requests are encountering anomalous latencies.
  • Request / Execution Count Success Ratio — The system is not performing work or erroring on doing work.
  • Queue depth — The system is unable to keep up with requested work.

Ratios Rule — But Be Careful

Emulate The Customer Experience: Probes Probes Probes Probes Probes :infinity:

  • Make requests to the system in the same manner any other client would (i.e. HTTP request to an HTTP server, SQL requests, etc.
  • Emit a metric of the result success|failure
  • Redshift: Every minute a probe connect to a redshift cluster and ensure we can execute a SQL query.
  • Airflow: Every minute a probe invokes a job on airflow and ensures that it completes successfully.
  • Freshness: Every hour we check the latest record in our critical database tables (MAX(created_at)) and ensure that it is within some threshold (~24 hours).

Give Yourself Room to Fail — SLO Based Alerts

  • A success ratio (successful events / total events)
  • A target expressed as a percentage (the percentage of successful events required in an interval to be considered health)






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